Disability help with installment

I am dissabled, i have short and long term memory blanks. Due to ACM Arnold Chari Malformation. I baught my chip and inplanted it because i always loose my keys and ids and bank cards. I have high hopes this will help me. That said, i am not able to grasp how to detect the chip and program it. I want to make it function just like my bank card witch is rfid chiped and buy a door lock for my house, and also have my name, address, and emergency contact so that if i ever forget who i am the cops can just scan me and know where to take me, via a tattoo on my hand that reads “EMERGENCY SCAN CHIP”. SO i have a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus but it cant find it, and no app i can find on the play store can find it either. Is there anyone i can go to in San Diego, ca Area who can help me do this? Or step bye step instructions as what to do from tbis point? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Hi Valerytozer,

I’m glad you found us! We will get back to you shortly with answers to your questions.

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Which chip did you purchase? How did you install it? Did you install it yourself or have it installed by a professional? I’m trying to determine if you have the correct chip type and if it has been implanted too deep to get a good read.

Actually, I think in this case we should make you a special chip. If you are using this for emergency purposes, then we should plan this properly and work with your medical care provider to maximize the reliability of this device. It needs to be easy to scan by yourself and strangers, so a special chip is necessary. We will work with you to make one that will work reliably no matter who attempts to scan it.

@mdanger please collect contact information for the customer and their PCP so we can discuss a proper plan.


xBT Temp Sensing RFID Tag [BioTherm]. 39$ i did it myself, not deep, just under the skin in my right hand as the videos instructed. But leaned more to a lower depth so its not too deep. I can allways take it out and install a new one in my left hand. Not a big deal. I had a GPS node installed when i was a child and i removed that bye myself, and thats much bigger. Whats a PCP? I can give you my number? and you could call me no problem there. I would love to work with someone on a better chip. Thank you.

Ah, well this chip cannot be read by a phone at all. It requires a specific reader to get the tag ID and temperature data.

Primary Care Provider… your primary medical doctor, if you have one.

There are no GPS implants. I mean… can you describe this “GPS node”? What company made it? What was the model number? To my knowledge there are no such devices.

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