Disney Magic Band

Has anyone had success in cloning their Disney magic band UID and info to an implant? From what I understand, the magic band has two chips. One battery powered that is used for tracking your geolocation throughout the parks and a second RFID that is used at the attractions (fast pass access), park entries, payment kiosks for food and souvenirs, and resort entry keys.

The non powered chip is a MIFARE DESfire EV1 or at least it was several years ago. As far as I can tell, the UID never changes as you can purchase a new magic band and they transfer the data to the new one. Since there’s some level of permanence here I would love to implant and never worry about losing my magic band or worse, having it stolen.

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Seeing as there is no known way to clone any HF chips other than the MIFARE Classic 1K using the Chinese backdoor, I would say that there is no way to do this. The usual recommendation of getting the controller of the network to add a new UID to the system, however this wouldn’t work as I am fairly certain that Disney is not going to add you to their system.

Also, when you purchase a new magic band from them they aren’t changing the UID on the band to match your old one, they are updating what UID is linked to your account in their system to the UID of the new band.

The only way I can imagine this could work would be to extract the chip from a band that has been linked to your account and to have it custom built into a flex implant. However, I could see Disney being weird about someone not using their provided band to get in, and the geo-location may be important as well as a secondary security measure to ensure that their system cant be spoofed. So you would most likely have to wear the band anyway, and as soon as the battery died for the geo-location portion (approx. 2 years according to disney) you would be forced to get a new magic band, and as soon as they would link the new UID your implant would be rendered useless.

So, sorry to say, I think this is pretty much outside the realm of possibility.

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Well it sucks there isn’t a way to write UID on any available chips currently. After further reading Their system actually records multiple UIDs to your profile so you can have multiple functioning bands and the newer bands have replaceable batteries. The UID is a permanent fixture for an individual. Thanks for your input though. I might do some dissection this weekend. See what’s in the guts.

If multiple UIDs are registered at once and the geo-location doesn’t factor into the security, then it should be possible to make an implant from the chip inside the band depending how it is constructed. @amal has some experience with this from the making of the Tesla card flex implant. Maybe he could give his two-cents on the idea.

I don’t have a Magic Band, but I did have the card (if you didn’t pay for a Magic Band, you will get a card instead). It has a NXP Mifare Ultralight chip. I’m pretty certain that the Magic Band also uses the same chip (or a similar).

From my knowledge, it cannot be cloned. While you could extract the chip and make a flex transponder, it won’t be worth it. And also, the entrance has staff watching, and I’m sure that they also are checking to make sure people are tapping a real band or card (though there’s also fingerprint verification). So just use the real Magic Band or card.

I agree with your point about the staff checking to see if you are tapping what they expect to see tapped. I mentioned it in my initial post and you said it better than me. Its just not worth it effort required to make it work.

Makes sense. I know how Misguided people get all bent out of shape about rfid implants being the mark of the beast and big brother tracking your every move but damn it would be nice to never carry a dongle/fob/access card anywhere. Thanks guys for the clarification.