Distance between magnet and another chip?

I’ve been looking at magnet implants and have decided I want one. A titan is a little on the pricey side for me especially if I’d have to also pay someone to put it in so I’ve been thinking about an xg3. There’s not a crazy amount of space in my fingertips so I was thinking maybe in just the usual place in the webbing by the thumb (L0 or R0) but I already have an implant in both locations. A next in my left and a hf xled in my right. There’s plenty of room next to my xled for another implant but would it still be fine if it’s an xg3? Both implants I have can hold a small magnet to the back of my hand so I’m reluctant to put an xg3 that close. Thoughts?

This might be of interest

Thanks that’s pretty helpful I did some searching but never found that thread. After reading it I think it’s best not to put them that close. I might try and scape up some money for a titan before it ends so I can do a fingertip instal and if I can’t I might just find another location for the xg3 maybe knife edge or something.


Im 95% sure I was advised by Amal to keep a magnet like 50mm away from another x series
But I see plenty with it significantly closer Than that without issue

But it’s possible there was a miscommunication and he was Magnet to magnet

Ether way, too close (whatever that is) and you Risk one or both becoming motivated in moving closer to the other, and the closer it gets the more attraction

Putting a magnet next to an RFID implants also detunes the antenna and decreases performance. Might be a little, might be a lot. Test how far you can light your xLED from a reader, then if you have a small NdFeB magnet lying around place that on your hand like a cm from the xLED and try and light it again to compare.

i think 1cm (10mm) should be sufficient in most cases but the further the better.