DIY nfc door lock

This is my door lock I’ve being using for the last few years. I intended to integrate it and get custom printed circuit boards made but never got around to it.

The reader works through the window, unlocking a electric striker.
The original door lock and key all function the same

It is great, i can push the door open if i am carrying things like groceries without having to turn the handle.

It runs off a single 18650 (battery) for 3-4 months before i can tell the battery needs to be changed. It still opens but i can tell solenoid in the electric striker is getting weaker when the battery is low. Would be easy to add a low voltage buzzer.



Nicely done. I’ve been thinking about doing something similiar for my office at work, but no window / haven’t thought of a way to rig the antenna.

I can relate. :rofl:

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The xAC v2 have a flat rectangular antenna. I don’t know if you can do a minor construction project at work or not, but…

Drill a hole through the wall, then hollow out a section of the drywall just big enough to sit the antenna in below the original surface. Run your wire through the hole to the interior of your office and put the antenna in the hollowed out hole. Fill the hole with drywall mud, covering the antenna and sealing it in. Sand and repaint. It’ll be completely invisible.

I imagine you’ll eventually get a smudge mark built up on the wall. To combat that, you could paint a blue circle over it. Which would also help to aim for the antenna.

Alternatively you could put a little plastic name plaque over it, or a DT sticker.

@Chocojim That’s bitchin cool!

Maybe a little charging circuit running off AC power? You might even be able to mount a solar panel on the wall and get a constant trickle from just indoor ambient light.

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