Do I need to use the DT App to secure my NExT?

I should be receiving my NExT today, and of course my biggest fear is bricking it. I’m very new to RFID/NFC and I’ve been digging through the forum seeing mixed responses so I just want to clarify - When I install my implant, do I have to secure it by setting a password using the DT App? I saw somewhere that it’s automatically secured using a password of DNGR, so does this mean I can just write to the NFC portion with the NFC Tools app straight out of the package without worry of bricking?
Thank you in advance and apologies as I know it’s been posted before, just wanting to have clarification as I’ve seen mixed responses.

Confirmed, the NExT implants come out-of-the-box with the configuration bits already password protected. You won’t brick your chip by using any of the NFC Tools commands.


Thank you so much! I appreciate the fast and clear response.

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