Documentary Film Request

I’m a documentary filmmaker at the news organization Brut. We create 10-15 minute documentaries (in the US) and I’m researching biohacking, RFID implants, etc. I would be interested in chatting with someone who either already has implants, about to get a new one, or about to get their first one.

You can find more of our docs on our doc channel on Youtube.

If you’re based in the US and are interested, or know someone that might be, please feel free to reach out here or by email at




I think you’re at the right place for that :sweat_smile:


Why not you?

We can talk you through the whole process from whoa to go.

And we can put you in touch with the right people. @amal

Nothing better than reporting from first hand experience
:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :syringe:

of course there will be other volunteers I’m sure.


Do you work from home?
do you work from an office?
Do either of those use RFID lock/access systems?

Would you like to unlock your computer with a a wave of your hand?

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Will you be willing to show us what the semi final product will be?

Many of us have been interviewed before and been very misquoted, or were very unhappy with how we were portrayed or our knowledge minimized

For what it’s worth,
I am US based and have several implants already, another additional 2 are planned in the near future


I see what you did here! :sweat_smile:


This is going to be important. I got my first implant 11 years ago and now have 8. I’d be willing to chat but would like to see how it’s presented and have the option to not proceed.

For anyone thinking about this take a look at there docs on YouTube.

Particularly liked there one on Army your friends and the minionapolis car scene


As standard practice, we do not provide revisions or previews before publication, but if you want to talk more specifically about your concerns I can speak with my editors and see if we can find a meeting point on this.

Also for clarity on the process, any initial conversations we have by phone, video chat or email are not for publication, just to discuss process, story and if you are open to it, to plan a time for me to come film with you for a few days. The13Beast, if you’d like to chat more feel free to email me at

Also, I am not currently planning on self documenting an RFID implant, but thank you for the encouragement.

Thanks again everyone!


I’d highly recommend more open interaction with the forum

I don’t speak for everyone, but usually you’ll get the best from us in a collective format, (insert borg joke)
Rather than everything being 1 on 1 direct messages

Most here know a good chunk about various aspects, but we are all mostly lacking a piece here or there… the “collective” usually is pretty good about making sure all pieces are covered and taken care of

Gives us all a good chance to correct things

All that being said,
Here’s a few points of concern off the top of my head we have run into ALREADY

Don’t be click bait, it’s fun and cool and crazy topic…
But don’t turn it into a super cheap clickbait thing… that’s the worst… be better than that

Don’t over sell things -
if you are going to talk about payment implants, don’t make it out like all of them are capable… in fact it’s pretty hard and very particular, a few articles have noted that we have managed to get it to work… and then made it out like this super simple thing anyone can do with any implant…. Very frustrating

If you want to use the awesome X-ray images, make sure you label them correctly, don’t call a standard glass capsule, the apex and vice versa

If you are going to talk about “tracking” and privacy concerns… don’t have us explain to you in extreme detail why it’s not a thing, and then just imply that other “rando” “*experts” are concerned

We understand that concept of needing to show both sides, but if one side has experience and is actively involved, and understands something’s limitations, and then you balance that with some joe blow who doesn’t it’s very insulting

If you are going to talk about tracking “concerns” then you need to be specific about it and why the person concerned knows something we don’t

Don’t make us out to be wild and careless and taking wild health risks… one of the reasons this forum and group has flourished, is the time and effort @amal and the community has taken to make things as safe as possible

Are we a little crazy? Sure…
But the actual procedure / device is often less risky or involved that a ear piercing

I’m sure others will have useful advice if interested


I would love if this could pressure US banks to work with fidesmo

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Let’s talk… I’ll DM you and we can set up a Google meet or zoom or whatever


Even if it doesn’t work… calling attention to the monopoly they have on the system would be great


You can may use images from my magnetic implant procedure if you’d like

TheOv3rminD’s xG3 v1 Installation

I can provide you with 108MP Originals, also if you’d like.
I also wouldn’t mind recording an interview for you.

Anything that brings more awareness to the biohacking scene is great in my opinion.
I have Images of other procedures as well. Amal, the owner of DT has a TED talk and a few other interesting videos floating around too!

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