Does anyone know this nfc tool?

as always in my research I came across this new product, does anyone know it?
The hunter cat NFC

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Salvador Mendoza


Mar 21

Releasing a new open hardware board with


: Hunter Cat NFC. Using a SAMD21 & PN7150. Running a NFC card detector as default, but it was designed to run different examples from the library. LEDs & buttons integrated!

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I haven’t seen that one before, the last time I saw “Hunter Cat” it was a mag stripe card skimming detector or similar.
KSEC sell those ones. › product
Hunter Cat - Card Skimmer Detector - KSEC Solutions - Electronic Cat …

The NFC one is interesting though

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Yes these are very cool. We partnered up with EC and invested in the Hunter cat NFC.

We’re waiting on their stock to arrive before we announce the good news.