Does KBR1 Only reads HF?

I received my implant along with a KBR1 and the cards for testing, i tried some knobs and cards but jut managed to read one, it couldn’t read the access card to the building i work in.

are there any limitations?


Does KBR1 Only reads HF?

The product page shows what ISO standards it works with, as well as the chips it’s compatible with. It’s even got a couple demo videos at the bottom


Yep, only HF tags that follow the ISO14443 standard (so not all HF tags either) - it also doesn’t read the full tag, just the UID (basically a serial number) and types it out, so it doesn’t dump the data stored on the tag either.

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Do you know what frequency it uses?
Do you have a RF Diagnostic card and /or xField detector?
Have you tried scanning with
Tag Info
Tag Writer
NFC Tools
NFC Tools Pro