Does reading the T5577 on the NExT ever get any easier?

Hey guys, brand new, got my first implant today, happy to be a part of the tribe. Thing is, this sucker is tough to read. Specifically the T5577. If I get the balancing act just right with my proxmark3 RDV4 I’ll get a read, though it wont identify the chipset. And I cannot reproduce a read reliably. I got it installed by a blue level installer, hope thats the right way to convey that, in the classic postion 0, so I thought Id be good. I saw one post about inflammation so Im hoping once that goes down I’ll be able to get a reliable read. I suppose I should add that I cant really see the implant unless I really spread my hand thin. Tried lf tune, thats how I was able to see a one digit dip in V and trigger the search. Guess my main question is does it get any easier over time?

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Sounds like bad coupling.
Even if you do not see it, there’s swelling and blood. Give it 2 weeks, it should read better then.

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Man that was fast, thanks dude! Okay cool, I’ll give it time then.

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I forgot…


You missed the other thousand mentions…
Today was install, in about 2 weeks it should be much easier.
Although with the Proxmark3, you will still have to get it lined up just right.

@yeka beat me to it.
But needless to say, I agree


Okay awesome, I’ll relax then. I can at least see its operational so that’s a relief. 'Preciate that warm welcome!

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What do you plan to do with it?

Also, when it comes to the proxmark3, the delay command can make all the difference. It’s pretty difficult to get a good position and then kind of reach out with a pinky finger and try to hit the enter button. Add a delay to the command to give yourself some time to properly position the proxmark3.


Jesus, how did I not know about this, I’ve been awkwardly pinky fingering my enter key for like the past 2 years now!!!


Is that a euphemism?

I assumed as a doctor you would your anatomical terms

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Don’t let Satan pinky finger your Enter key!


Here’s a trick: for really awkward / difficult Proxmark positioning where both my hands are occupied, I set the keyboard on the floor and hit the enter key on the keypad with my foot. I can even hit the up arrow to bring up the last command and redo it :slight_smile:

Palpating with the ipsilateral 5th distal phalanx?