Does someone has skills in eagle? circuit board design

I have an short question to the DIY guys here :slight_smile:

Right now im building an door lock with an arduino and a few other parts that I ordered.
My question is if there is anyone in the forum that could transfer an circuit plan
that I create for the project into an (maybe eagle format). So that I can use
the accid machine in my school to create an actual board.
Not a big board. just a few lines for an transistor and the arduino.

Dont want to use the project board for an permanten solution.

Im german so I try to express as clearly as I can :smiley:


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Have you checked out some online tools/communities?

Thx dont knew those exist :slight_smile: Will check them out

I use kicad on Linux. Works fine for projects like this. I already’ve done a prototype arduino and rfid reader, power supplies, and door lock driver.


I also use to make the pcb’s. For only 40$USD it’s cheaper and easier than doing it yourself.

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I use Fritzing for PCB design and Seeed Studio for the PCB manufacturer.

Fritzing is often used to create the images you see in magazines.
Looked in to US based PCB manufacture and they’re expensive. Seedstudio is $4.9 for 10 x 10cm x 10cm 2 layer PCB’s taking about 1 week to arrive in US. US manufacturers would be nearer $30 for just 1 PCB and take 7 days.

I think you can find some special software to convert, for example: TinyCAD, gEDA, Kicad. Or you can find an experienced friend to help you.
On the board, I think you can try some Chinese manufacturers, pcbshopper can price comparison, or you can try wellpcb, the quality is excelent for the price.

This also might be helpful for you guys. Cheap and reliable PCB circuit board manufacturer

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Fritzing makes it easy to create printed circuit boards.
I know that China has an OurPCB, which specializes in manufacturing PCB and PCBA.

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