DIY RFID Door lock circuit board

I’m considering cleaning up my RFID door lock electronics that reads my chip and opens the door. Right now the electronics is soldered together on a project board. It’d be nice to do a printed circuit board, use surface mount components, a better power supply, etc.

It’ll take a bit of time and $$$, so it’s really not worth it to make just a few (front & back doors, some spares). I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing at my cost. Since the volume is so low, even, “at cost” would be on the order of $50 or more.

Any interest?

I think the best idea would be to create a github or some sort of open source repository for the design files and software and start a little community around it. What are the features? What does the design look like? etc. etc. can all be answered with a public repo. Then you may find a group who would be interested in doing a group buy.

any update on this development ?

Sorry… I didn’t get an overwhelming response, so I haven’t spent much time on it.

Likely when I do it for myself, I’ll just dump the results on gethub for general use.


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Fair enough, it is the community that drives us :slight_smile:

Always nice helping someone out.

Let us know if you get this done and we can post it up.