Does VivoKey Apex ring have the same capabilities with VivoKey Apex Flex?

I’m planning reserving/buying a VivoKey Apex ring Ring - VivoKey Technologies does this one has the same capabilities and ability with VivoKey Apex Flex - RFID & NFC Chip Implants and Biohacking products ( Also are they writable like can we change and program their IDs add (integer/float/text/symbols too) with proxmark3 easy? Also is there a way I can change the ID’s in XSIID implants? I love them because they have LED’s!

So the apex flex and the apex ring do have the same controller inside. They have the same capabilities. The ring should support payments(implants does not, visa and master card doesn’t like implants obviously). There is NDEF applet and you can write whatever information inside you like, but I do not think you can set a custom ID. I do not think NXP NTAG I2C(XSIID) is ID changeable.


All that is correct. Yeah NXP won’t allow the user to change the UID of a chip

Why is that? there is no hack or bypass with proxmark3 easy?

Not in the Apex side of things. It’s part of the security focused nature of things.

Lol because they want the global economy to be secure in some way

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Lmao they want to profit; I mean if it’s changeable ID’s what’s use of buying a new one if it’s programmable? I use the ID’s with kbr1 as my 2-auth, some password, and login. I think I’m very vulnerable! One-time hack and I’m done :laughing: I’ll just buy xMagic, does it have a ring/sticker version too?

Magic Ring

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