Does xEM support HID ProxCard III tags?

The product description for the xEM Cloner mentions that it supports HID ProxCard II tags. Does it also support HID ProxCard III tags?

Hmm, I don’t think it does… I think PCIII cards are even a different frequency… but honestly I don’t know enough about them to know for sure. If you want to send us a card I can test for you. PM/DM me for shipping details.

Thanks, but I went ahead and ordered the cloner. Will report back with results soon.

What about the Proxkey II - it appears to be 125khz. I presume Proxkey III fobs aren’t supported? Those have been around a while have they not? Any way to duplicate those? Thanks.

I bought the KKmoon Handheld 125KHz RFID ID Card Writer/Copier Duplicator before I saw your product. It looks identical to yours but will not read two different normal apartment key FOBs I have. One is the standard grey cricle HID on a black teardrop backing(Proxkey III?). The other is the elongated thumb shaped fob(Proxkey II?).

Any help is appreciated.

I really don’t know enough about HID to answer intelligently, but I think proxkey are just fob versions of proxcards… so proxkey II should work, proxkey III - not sure…

When it comes to cloners and cheap electronics from China, it’s impossible to know what you’re getting unless you work directly with the factory (as we have). It’s possible the cloner you bought doesn’t even support any HID card at all. We had to work with the factory to ensure we had custom firmware on our cloners that handles both EM and HID cards.