DOM Eniq with xDF2


Security needn’t be absolute, just adequate. A UID-based lock isn’t very secure, but it might be enough if you don’t live around nefarious techno-geeks or workmates. Hell, I’m a bit of a paranoid nutjob and I use UID-based authentication just about everywhere - locks and computers - and it’s perfectly fine, because the risk is low. Likewise with the NFC cylinders, if you don’t live in a nasty neighborhood, they could do the job too.

Just be aware of those products’ shortcomings and decide if they’re appropriate.

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Hi all, long period of silence. Life has been busy. I will forward some of the remarks given above about security to Dom and ask what they have to say about it. Just a quick post for now. It appears if you use data on card (new feature) that the eniq app writes desfire apps to the card. The UID in the screenshot is from a cheap card, not my hand. :wink:

One is without desfire apps (before) and after adding card in app it does have them. I don’t know anything about how they implemented it of course. But I will ask.
As I said, quick post. Will get back here after I hear from DOM. Will also add some pictures of the internals when removing the front cap. (Will have to see how far I can go without breaking stuff :laughing:)
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Is there any news o this, bought a tapkey lock and cannot get it running on NeXt chip implant.

How long was your NExT installed?

Have you tried an xFD?

My NExT was installed 7-1-2022
and my NExT works fine with a Paxton system on my Work.

I installed the DOM Tapkey Pro at home, but when i want to add the NExT in the Domkey App as a NFC tag i got error.
I there a other way to program it to use with NExT ?

Hey Hello,
I have bought the DOM Tapkey Pro but cannot add it in the phone application.
I tried to add it under NFC-transponders.
I have an NExT implant but when reading it gives error.

Do you know how to program the NExT with the DOM Tapkey Pro ?

What’s the error?

Its in dutch but says: Something went wrong, try again.

Could this be the reason

This is probably one of the most brilliant things I’ve seen in terms of frustrating and irritating bullshit companies try to pull to extend their revenue models.

But at the same time I would much rather a company offer this option instead of simply forcing you to buy there off-the-shelf chip with some special key codes in it, and not let you use the same off the shelf chip because they didn’t sell it to you.

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*cough* Keysy,\ iCopyX *cough*
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Where did you find this info ? Where can i add a non DOM tag ?

I have contacted DOM and they told me that with the DOM Key it is not possible to use a external NFC Transponder.
It only works with Tapkey transponder and BLE.

Only the ENiQ-systeem of TAP works with external transponder.

So i choose the wrong product …DAMN