DOM Eniq with xDF2

Hi, my first post here!
I became “enhanced” (xDF2 standard location) about a year ago and have been playing around for some time.
I recently contacted DOM who make the the door cylinder I now have with some questions and was very friendly invited to come and test stuff. Of course I went over and was kindly allowed to test my tag with their hardware and ask a lot of questions.
So key takeaways for us (us = if not using original DOM Eniq tags):

  • Currently the lock only checks UID
  • Somewhere in October/November the option to have data on tag will be made available (expected date).

Original DOM tags use Desfire EV2 with applications. The future data on tag system will write applications on the card. How that will work exactly I do not yet know, but I was told that applications will be written to the card. I expect that to mean that the lock will not only check UID! But will post it here as soon as they release it.

Dom has a Eniq App that works like a charm, setup is a breeze. It works thru BLE, and thru this you can open the door from your phone, add tags, delete tags, check the acces log. And other stuff. The log function is nice as well. Adding a non DOM tag costs €4.70 in-app.

If you don’t want to have your phone involved you can also program the lock directly with the “MasterCard” (also does not cost €4.70 per tag).

On the cylinder you see in the video below it is easy to get a good read every time. For the model in the video you can attempt a read every 8secs. I also tested the complete solution where the entire plate has a integrated reader and handle (Eniq Guard) but had some trouble, but practice and knowing how to present your chip might fix that. If you have a FlexDF2 I think it should work no problem.

They also have padlocks among other lock types.

Thought some might find this interesting, there is more info but didn’t want to make the post long(er) :wink:

Logs in DOM Eniq app:




I’ll look into this, looks amazing from the video.

I revoke the ouch, this seems to be a solid thing and honestly, I’ve been searching an excuse to get some flex implant in near future :stuck_out_tongue:
Kinda looks like UundZ, didn’t see a price yet so I assume it’s also expensive.

One note is that I think you loose the log function if you program directly (no app) but I’ll test this weekend.

Yea it’s expensive :grimacing: €450 for starter kit with MasterCard (must have one) plus 5 DOM tags ( for wife or other “un-enhanced” humans)
After that €400 for just a cylinder.
This is the link to the DOM product site:
DOM Eniq Pro

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Do you have a strong magnet?
I kinda want to see my lock @ LockPickingLawyer before I buy it.

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I kinda feel so sorry for lock makers. Its like software and hardware security. U see broken into what you have developed for years. Really love LPL’s channel tho.

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But what about the phone app? It just makes the entire lock soooooooooooooooooooooooo unsecure.

EDIT: I wanna know. How does the lock auth? UID or is it more secure than that?

That bit that tells me that the company is out to shaft their customers any which way they can. Also, it’s clear it’s an internet-enabled product that’s I’ll have problems with at some point, when the internet goes down, or their app goes funny or incompatible with my phone, or the company goes belly up, or they decide to charge me some more for something I already paid, or they stop the service, or they end-of-line the product…

I had seen that product when I was looking for an RFID / NFC door lock. Thanks to your detailed review, I’m 100% sure I want to stay clear the hell away from it.

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I figured that it is just the app usage +enable smart features of the lock.
There is a casual master fob enroll your tag thing for free according to the op.

But yeah, I don’t want my lock to have bluetooth wifi or whatever…

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