Door lock with NeXt

It just replaces the internal cylinder in the door. Only one part of the locking mechanism.

The door and handle are not replaced. When you order from Digiwell like myself and @JennyMcLane did, you need the internal and external measurements for your door to make sure the length is correct and fits your door.

Just make sure your house doesn’t look too conspicuous or obviously full of stuff with a high resale value, because those cylinders are about as burglar-proof as a door chain.

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Depends on what kind of door and frame you have. If you have one of these locks and use it with a door what has a single locking point it doesn’t really mean much. You can just break in with brute force.

Having said that, I don’t think I know anyone who has ever had their house or apartment broken into where I live.

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It’s not a door problem, it’s a cylinder problem. The issue is that, by design, the entire locking mechanism is on the outside. One good whack with a sledgehammer, and all you need it a pair of pliers or a large flat screwdriver to turn the tailpiece of the cam.

Those integrated NFC cylinders are very convenient, but they also provide a really easy-to-exploit point of weakness for a burglar to attack. And because of their obvious shape, putting one of those things on your door is like putting a sign on your house that says “this house is an easy target” for anyone walking by with less than good intentions.

So yeah, okay for an apartment or a house in a very peaceful neighborhood, possibly. But anywhere else, not so much…

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Why the lock isn‘t save for a house? You need a fob etc to get in. If you damage the handle there is the cylinder itself in the door.

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I’d don’t know if I agree with that.

Unless you are explicitly targeted, they look for the easiest target. If I was going to break into a house I’d be looking at how nice the house is, not how expensive I think the lock is.

If you are going to go at a lock with a hammer, and potentially make loads of noise, then there is a much easier way to gain entry. Ground floor window.

But like I said, it’s not something that’s considered much for most places in Ireland. Home alarm systems are very visible because they are deterrents, whether they are connected to anything internally or not.

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Of course. Usually the robber look for the fastest,
most easy and most quiet chance to get into a house.

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It’s not just a handle: it controls whether or not the knob engages with the tailpiece and the cam in the middle. If you bust the knob, you have direct access to either the tailpiece or the cam. There is no cylinder - as in, a lock core with pins inside the housing proper. That’s the problem.

Burglars don’t think like that at all: they cruise around the neighborhood and look for the safest and easiest targets. They look for certain cars that are notoriously easy to open, houses with fake alarms, lock brands / models that are easily drilled, bypassed or broken, easy doors to kick down or windows to force open… An electronic lock with all the security bits on the outside is like a magnet to them.

It doesn’t really matter if your house looks expensive: what matters to them is easy-in-easy-out: it’s better to leave premises a free man with $100 in your pocket than in shackles with $10,000 in evidence at the police station.

For the anecdote, a car thief told me once he only targeted cars with really loud alarms. Why? Because he was sure nobody would bother him while he stole the property. No neighbor EVER comes out of the house to defend somebody else’s property when the alarm rings, quite the contrary: they take the alarm noise as a excellent cue to stay safely inside :slight_smile:

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The question is, any alternative locks for a house which is compatible with the Next implant and more secure?
How it looks like with the DF2 implant. Is the range of compatibility better?

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That’s always the big question :slight_smile: Depending on where you are, and how willing / able you are to modify the door, the NFC cylinder may be your only option.

Another option - one which I personally went for - is to find another lock that is compatible with another type of chip, and implant that chip just to be able to use that lock.

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As of the compatibility list, the DOM Tab should work with the Next. I find that one: DOM TAPKEY Pro V2 double side reading (BLE). I that which is meant?

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Correct length is important


And orientation. The inside length and outside length aren’t always the same. I was lucky that mine was, if i remember right, 35mm both inside and out.


I have set up all the exterior doors in my house garage and storage room with ID lock it’s a Norwegian lock I think and they work like a charm… took a minute to get the hang out of presenting the flexMT to the reader but now it’s easy af. I have the flexMT and XM1 enrolled in it but it also works with NExT from what I’ve seen online. Great lock and pretty freaking secure.

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Do you have a link?
Is it in the matrix?

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I’m pretty sure it is in the Matrix

The website is in Swedish but I’m sure there is an English version.

I’m pretty sure you are correct (I just looked, it is infact the FIRST lock in the “Door Lock” section)

@Mariarangok That was a nice quick read through the windscreen!

It would be awesome if you could share your setup in the project section. Another option for people to follow through.

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Whooos should clarify, the last link is not me, it’s a Scandinavian dude using a Next to open his ID lock and car apparently. Wish I knew how to set that up, but I’m nowhere near that technical. Luckily the lock is pretty easy to install and I’m decent with a drill.


Does anyone has experience with the Dom tab lock I mentioned with the Next implant? The vendor said no but it’s in the list.

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Did you check out the fantastic writeup by @Loekie including video?

DOM Eniq with xDF2

It talks about xDF2, but also only checking UID.

Still not the direct answer you are looking for.
The read looks reliable with the xDF2 though.

Just to add to your confusion