Door Buzzer Set - What I Need

I wanna put together a door lock set.
I have some experience in working with 12v access control systems. I just wanna confirm before I buy.
I already have a DT xNT implant in my right hand that I implanted 2 years ago (love it!) and I wanna get a DT xER in my left one.
Here is what I already have, or will buy:

  • DT xER implant
  • 12v electric door strike
  • xEM Access Controller
    Is that all I need?
    If I’ll need anything else, please let me know.
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Sort of… the xEM (not xER) implant works with the xEM Access Controller by setting a white output line to +12v as long as an authorized xEM tag is presented to the antenna. Once the tag is removed from the antenna area, the 12v signal output stops. Usually people want some kind of a delay after presenting the tag so the door strike will remain unlocked for a few seconds after. To do that, you will need a timer circuit of some kind.

Also, the output signal won’t be able to work with the strike directly. The strike will pull a lot of current and the signal output wire cannot handle the amount of current required… or it may for a few weeks or months, but will eventually burn out. You will need a relay in the circuit to handle the current between power supply and strike.

Finally, the strike will work great for a latch type lock but not a deadbolt. The reason being, a deadbolt will not retract when the door is shut like a latch lock, and the strike will not retract either, so you may be able to open a deadbolt+strike combination easily enough but when you try to shut the door again the extended bolt will just bounce off the strike and the door will not close. This may be obvious, but some people haven’t realized this until they had the whole thing built first. I figured I’d save you (and anyone else) the trouble.

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Right, xEM. Typo.
Thanks for clearing that up about the reader strength.
What if I add the reader to an existing 12v power supply made for access control?
The power supply will also add the delay (or maybe I won’t use a delay), I’ll just be using the reader to tell the power supply to send the 12v to the strike. Does that make sense?

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Hmm, not sure… but if you have a system already that accepts at 12v signal input to trigger a timed output to the strike, then sure… should work great.