Door entry button pusher

Hi - Not quite sure where to post this but I thought I would share this as it has solved my problem and I’ve not seen anyone else do it. . .I don’t think this has been posted before in another subject.
Required: Access Control module (Dangerous Things)
Solenoid - 5Nm

Hopefuly the pictures speak for themselves.


Cool Idea.
And all the gubbins “hidden” inside your cupboard of safety
:rescue_worker_helmet: :fire_extinguisher: :adhesive_bandage:

Perfect place, and If you had time, a quick schematic and or photo of the wiring would be great for others coming to the project category.

Amals xEM xAC video explains the wiring of the board.
So maybe just how you introduced the solenoid, what and how it triggers, and how you mounted the antenna in the “ding-dong” switch