Dose any one know if it is possible make a java card chip rather than a flex

Dose any one know if it is possible make a java card chip implant or can it only be made into flex implants. Is java card ic or cpu is just too big to fit into a chip form or this there other reasons why java card chips has not been implemented. Is it simply easyer to make bigger things (flex implant) than than smaller things(chip implant ). Is it because of costs. Is it too expensive to make java card chips rather than java card flex. Or is it simply preference, do more people prefer the flex to a chip so its there for more economical for dangerous things to create java card flex implants rather than chips. I would like to see dangerous things release a java card chip. I am hoping something like this is already underworks and I am speeking complete nonsense.

The javacard chips are much larger than tags like the NTAG216 in the xNT and won’t fit in 2 or 3mm glass tube.

To be fair, there is one exception to this… but the chips that are small enough to work inside of glass also lack specific features we need - specifically RSA key gen features and security domain support. There is also the issue of performance… the cylindrical geometry reduces power coupling efficiency, usually resulting in a woefully inadequate amount of power necessary to perform data writes and complex cryptographic functions.