Download an mp3 file on a nfc chip

is it possible to download a mp3 file on a nfc chip so that when someone scan it it play the music ( like a rick roll) it would be easier then a youtube url cause too mush people dont have lte.

Not enough space, the link to Spotify or YouTube works much better.

I don’t think nfc supports any sound files

Even if it did, your working with under 1kb of data most likely and that’s going to get you next to nothing

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Just use Tag Writer to write rick to your implant. Easiest solution :stuck_out_tongue:


You can make small enough mp3 files that fit onto a NFC tag. And then you need an application to make use of it.

When I mapped out which mimetypes Android supports out of the box, I did try mp3, but it didn’t handle it natively. So you’d need a separate app for that. I assume iOS doesn’t either, because if iOS did anything NFC-related in a more useful way than Android does, I think hell would freeze over.

In short: between the very low sound quality needed to fit an mp3 onto a passive NFC tag and the need to download a dedicated app, that’s a pretty hopeless use case. And even if Android knew how to deal with that particular mimetype out of the box, the sound clip would be so short and so bad that it would still be hopeless.

When I think of very small music / sound files, I think MIDI files, from very old cell phones and game consoles…

I have no idea how a smart phone would deal with it :man_shrugging:

I wonder if there is a “never give you up” :man_curly_haired: MIDI sound file :notes:


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You don’t need much to find out: make an NDEF with a audio/midi mimetype (it don’t matter what the actual data is) and scan it. Most likely Android will tell you a new tag has been scanned and prompt you for a suitable app.

Of course there is…


Would have to .zip it to post.

I think the link will do


Thinking about it, there might be a stupid and complex solution to stream like 70Kb of compressed mp3 from an apex.

Chrome on android has NDEF read capabilities afaik so if the Apex would link to a minimal site and then constantly give parts of the data via NDEF, the site could grab the data in like 16Kb chunks and play it. Ofc this would require a crazy apex applet and some javascript. Maybe even moving the implant to the phone a couple times depending on this chrome nfc api.

But it would fit the “no LTE but has internet” requirement.

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its to mush for me clearly i think i will just make a url for youtube but thanks anyway

I am going to gather from this that you’re relatively young. Probably high-school age.

Because I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have data access on their phone. Most of us didn’t in high school, though.

You got a point…:shushing_face: