Downloading and Running Proxmark 3 Easy for the First Time

I download the software in Proxmark 3 Easy following the instructions

The screenshot shows my last working window (where the firmware installation ended)

as far as I understand. you need to run proxmark3.exe from the directory that is located on this path
C:\working\ProxSpace\pm3\proxmark3\client \proxmark3.exe

Am I going right?

When running proxmark3.exe from the C:\working\ProxSpace\pm3\proxmark3\client directory,
messages appear: “not found *.dll”
Not found:
libstdc++ -6.dll

What should i do in this case? help me please

You have to run the client from within proxspace… not the windows command line.

oh it was so difficult for me )))))
but I will try to delve into and master!