DSruptive approval for pre-clinical trials

I received an email that DSruptive (xSIID partner for Amal) has gotten approval for their health sensing implant. Is anyone aware if this is Amal’s plan for an alternate xBT?

I would like to think eventually we can get something a bit more convenient than needing to carry a halo with us.

Would be nice if it could do Glucose, Temp and SPo2

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I know that there is talk of an nfc xBT at some point. but other than that I haven’t heard anything

Would a long term glucose sensor even be possible? I was under the impression they only had so much life to them due to the chemistry at play

Probably not. It would also likely need to be calibrated daily. Still would be a nice feature.

I love the idea of onboard metrics and sensors

But we will have to be slightly carefully about how stuff gets linked when it becomes possible

Amal said it’s in the works afaik, I guess the Apex is more important now…
xSIIDBT would be cool.

Glucose would be epic, but I guess it will fail. There was this GlucoChip that just failed after some months and it’s so perfect for diabetes, I doubt it’s currently possible.

I can’t say much, but I will say this. We have many simultaneous projects going on. Not everyone works on the same thing at once. This doesn’t mean we’re working on anything in particular, but we do have multiple things going on at once.

I’m surprised dsruptive are going the clinical route, though I know they got funding for this recently.


That is where the money is.

Oh, indeed, but it’ll delay their product by a while.

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it is interesting… but they are doing a study… that’s still a long way off from “approval”.

I’m not entirely sure how the medical industry works but is there any chance we can get these implants while they’re in trials?