DSRuptive BeUno open beta (EU only)

Perfect opportunity to learn some real units of measurement


Note that the Android app can sync the temperature measures to Google Fit, where the data is only shown in Fahrenheit :roll_eyes:.

I have submitted a feature request for Google Fit to have the choice in temperature units, just like the other metrics (weight, height, energy, distance,…).

Signed myself up for the beta :slight_smile:
Is there any technical info on how the temperature readout works?
Could I just strap an Arduino to myself to generate a temperature log?
Or are they being secretive and proprietary about it?

you will get a special app for your phone to read your chip (Android and iPhone) It saves yur temperature.

Yes, but I wonder if the app is strictly necessary? I would like to be able to extract the data with some kind of homebrew solution. I don’t like being locked in to an ecosystem.

Somebody on this forum from the same country as you :wink: has also expressed privacy concerns about the BeUno app.

I don’t know if it’s possible to scan the implant outside their app.

I tried several NFC tools, like TagInfo for instance, but none of the returned fields contained anything close to the measured temperature.

Note it also works as a NDEF storage, allowing the user to store medical information, emergency contacts, information about the user, link to websites or other free text. And also store a COVID certificate (under the text format HC1:…)


Is my German-ness so obvious, lol?

I think I might just get one shoved in me anyway. Worst case I will have to buy a proxmark.

My theory is, that they might be relying on some kind of NFC <-> I2C bridge thing. The XSIID contains one. Might be a fun reverse engineering task.

Ein bisschen! :wink:

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is the app public somewhere? Can I have the .apk?

I got the link, after I got the BeUno implanted.

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For those interested, when they were doing the closed beta, which was also supposedly EU only, I emailed them and they said that as long as I was able to provide information regarding a trusted installer, that they would send the product even though I’m based in the US


@SnarkBe @JennyMcLane
Where did you implant your BeUno? To get a more or less accurate temperature reading, i would assume that it would have to be located in/near the armpit or somewhere comparable, but then accessing it would be a bit more complicated. Is is viable to put it on your chest and still get a usable temperature?

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It’s indeed in the chest, on the left side. I get usable temperature data from it. It’s usually around 37,4°C.

If you want a temperature from the armpit, you need to implant a xBT but you need then the specific reader. The BeUno is interesting as it can be read by any smartphone with NFC.

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Hey is there any chance you could scan the implant with tag info and tell us what tag it presents as I.e. an ntag i2c ect

I might take a shot as getting them to send to my installer… can’t hurt right?

Hmm scratch that… 260 USD is a lot to throw at a thermometer at the moment… I might have been more willing if my car didn’t just decide it wanted to visit a mechanic


It shows temperatures in Kelvin? Is there any other unit of measurement for temperature?

Rankine :slight_smile:


i have it over the right breast. Temperature is during the day a little bit different. Between 36.9 - 37.4

i have the xBT in the upperarm and over the keft breast. I have there the most time: arm: 31-32 and breast 33-34

works also through my shirt. This picture was taking short after install.

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I had already subscribed to their beta a few weeks ago, I really hope to be able to have one :star_struck: