DSRuptive BeUno open beta (EU only)

is the app public somewhere? Can I have the .apk?

I got the link, after I got the BeUno implanted.

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For those interested, when they were doing the closed beta, which was also supposedly EU only, I emailed them and they said that as long as I was able to provide information regarding a trusted installer, that they would send the product even though I’m based in the US


@SnarkBe @JennyMcLane
Where did you implant your BeUno? To get a more or less accurate temperature reading, i would assume that it would have to be located in/near the armpit or somewhere comparable, but then accessing it would be a bit more complicated. Is is viable to put it on your chest and still get a usable temperature?

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It’s indeed in the chest, on the left side. I get usable temperature data from it. It’s usually around 37,4°C.

If you want a temperature from the armpit, you need to implant a xBT but you need then the specific reader. The BeUno is interesting as it can be read by any smartphone with NFC.

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Hey is there any chance you could scan the implant with tag info and tell us what tag it presents as I.e. an ntag i2c ect

I might take a shot as getting them to send to my installer… can’t hurt right?

Hmm scratch that… 260 USD is a lot to throw at a thermometer at the moment… I might have been more willing if my car didn’t just decide it wanted to visit a mechanic


It shows temperatures in Kelvin? Is there any other unit of measurement for temperature?

Rankine :slight_smile:


i have it over the right breast. Temperature is during the day a little bit different. Between 36.9 - 37.4

i have the xBT in the upperarm and over the keft breast. I have there the most time: arm: 31-32 and breast 33-34

works also through my shirt. This picture was taking short after install.

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I had already subscribed to their beta a few weeks ago, I really hope to be able to have one :star_struck:

Dump removed, not sure it can be shared openly (NDA)

As a good beta tester, I have included my health data in the NDEF section, so I have removed a few parts. I hope it’s enough for you to see what you want.

Cool so they are using the ntag5 chip thats really cool, possibly the first implementation I’ve seen of that chip.

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Got a question about that implant, mostly directed at the women in the beta program (though maybe anyone has an idea about that) - can it be used to track the basal body temperature? Like, there is a method where you track this every morning and use that data together with some other attributes to determine when your ovulation happens, and it would be quite comfortable to just scan your implant for a second vs. sticking a thermometer in your mouth for three minutes every morning :wink:

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I’m not sure waht you mean.
I must say I have also the implanon - so I don’t have the bleeding - its annoying when you can’t go swimming in summer. I must also say I’m asexual.
After getting up I have about 37,2 - 37,4 degrees - In the evening it is about 36,9 Its also different on days - I can upload picture a bit later, when I’m on my smartphone

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What’s the precision you need to accurately map that out? Like would you need 0.1°C accuracy in order to trust it, or would 0.5°C work?

The temperature sensor in there might be accurate enough, but you need to manually adjust for the difference between the temperature it reads on your arm and your core temp, and the accuracy on that adjustment could be a bit off depending on conditions

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The thermometers used for that display two decimal places, so yeah, that would be important. The adjusting isn’t really neccessary in fact, because you don’t need your core temperature, you just need a reliable graph of the temperature during the whole cycle, so you can see on what day the temp starts to rise. So if you always use the same method of measuring, it’s okay - it would just be a bad idea to use the implant on some days and measuring in the mouth on some others, for example.

I guess this would surely have some influence :wink:
To be honest, I would never rely on the temperature method for prevention, but it’s definitely interesting nevertheless.

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upload doesn’t work at the moment

I also signed up for the beta

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