DT chipped sticker

Continuing on from a discussion on the Discord server, would making our own stickers with the DT brand be permissible. It would be cool to have (for example) a sticker of a hand x-ray, where if you scan it, it leads to the DT page. It’s a fun concept, and wouldn’t be too expensive to produce. I’d probably make a homemade prototype for my own use with an NFC sticker just taped on the back even if they weren’t commercial.


Just lock it so @anon3825968 doesn’t redirect you to peen.


Amal mentioned he had looked into this, but printing whole sheets of NFC stickers was stupid expensive, like they were obviously massively marking it up because their primary clients are corps who don’t look at the balance sheet.

Shouldn’t be too hard to do yourself in small batches. You could even use a vinyl printer and stick the vinyl pucks on top of existing NFC stickers by hand


This might be an option.

I’ve checked out some sellers, I believe this is the one I contacted before (I wanted to make sure if they can lock the tags for me).

Personally I dont want a single one, I want many. Many many.

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Those are pretty cheap, they look to be decent quality as well.

To be honest, I would be more interested in the RFID button for my phone than I am the sticker. I don’t scan stuff I don’t know about. So I think it could be risky.

Same in my company, I have some NFC stickers there but people tell me they wont scan it cuz they dont trust it.
I dont get why tho…

Maybe a QR code & the text https://dngr.us on the sticker aswell?

Tbh a non-NFC sticker for DT doesn’t make much sense to me… (except price).

Lol. No one trust NFC because it’s untrustworthy. The whole communication standard has been built around the concept that proximity means consent, so all the device manufacturers leave a bunch of back doors open to NFC commands. I scan things I encounter in the wild, but only with TagInfo. That way the phone OS isn’t directing what happens on read.

It’s one thing iOS does right. NFC can only bring up a notification requesting a certain action. It tells you what it wants to do, and the user has to swipe or tap on the notification to consent to it.

Someone who is better at linking things may be able to help here. A while ago, we talked about a program that backdoors its way in. So I would modify the existing data, to route through my worm/virus then to the normal destination. The user/scanner would be none the wiser.

That is if I understood it correct.

I mean there are a few attack paths for this but unless you’re talking about already patched Android NFC vulnerabilities … Then any other attack would require stages of social engineering. E.G … scan this NFC tag with an NDEF URL record onto a malicious site

Unless anymore NFC based vulnerabilities come out … which are extremely rare.


I don’t mean to sound boringly practical, but if I wanted an NFC DT sticker, I would stick an NFC sticker and then a DT sticker on top of it…


That’s what I was thinking of making myself. Simple, but could be cool.

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I want hundrets of stickers.
I want to leave bunches of them at some places.

It’s not about a single sticker. It’s about the stickering!

Also where can I buy DT stickers anyway?
I have 2 but I need more. I have more devices and more doors and more skateboards than implants…


If you want them like that, as I imagine you will be sticking them everywhere you will need a lot.

Maybe see if Amal would order you something like,


That way, he makes his cut from his logo, and you get a bunch of stickers.

Not sure if that brand of stickers is good or not.


I mean I’m 100% fine with paying amal for stuff like that, but it’s also advertisement, so my goal is he will make some sales cuz of those stickers.


Fair. I am just not going to say or suggest it personally, as I am just trying to be mindful on this forum. Catch me on Reddit.

I just figure if those things cost Amal like 25 bucks roll, or less depending on quantity he orders. Knowing they would get used like that, maybe he would only charge a couple bucks more, for going through the trouble of setting up a bulk order. Because if he can get them for 15 a roll, and charge you 20. You both win.

Sounds nice, would be in for that!
But I’d also like NFC versions pointing to DT ^^

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