DT got a pretty big feature on this YouTube channel

Lots of detractors in the comments. Not worried but it made me wonder how this site and Amal deal with the negative commentary. Etc.

Legally where does the site sit? I am of the opinion it wouldn’t be around so long if there were frequent, undisclosed serious issues. But it made me wonder given the sporadic attention boosts.

Lots of misinformation as well in the video about the capabilities. Especially RE wallets.


I think people here are used to negative comments on media publications :smiley:



Over all I think that video is good but more of the specific parts are mainly spoken in negative light and some parts misinformation like that the implant caused the infection which I don’t think was the case.


It’s always so funny seeing people I know in random videos. And the comments are always bad on general population focused videos, even when it’s not about implants. But when it’s a tech focused audience the comments are way more friendly to implants generally.

I wonder if the people they talk about with infections and locked chips are real people or just made up stories.


I remember when that guy with the locked chip came to the forum about a year ago after the last Defcon

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I’m sure it happens to people. Probably a fair few people but it’s not like anyone gets into this without knowing the risks even just buying it, you have to navigate to a website called “dangerous things.” Lol.

But yeah there seemed to be a heavy focus on the negative.