DT implant placement templates

Here’s the latest set of templates with corrected sizes for currently stocked DT implants:


A suggestion, if you’re going thru the hassle to give people a template, perhaps add the alternative perspective next to it, something like a “as seen from top” column and “as seen from side”
…maybe a bit mentioning it lays along the thinnest dimension, just in case people get it misconstrued… but there’s a line also

Mostly to show that the flex’s while large in the X Y dimensions, are fairly thin in the Z

… you COULD try to actually show some of the topographical shape if you wanted to get wild, but I doubt it serves any meaningful purpose


The x-series implants are cylindrical so both elevations are identical. The flex series can’t be implanted in any other plane so knowing how thick they are doesn’t really add much.
If you want to to get to grips with their 3D nature the .stl s in Pilgrimsmaster’s Handy Dandy CAD files thread are a far better tool.
This template sheet works well in the layout planning stage, known as Erieqiet’s Implant Tetris.

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You know that, and I know that

But the person who the tool is potentially designed for may have significantly less experience or knowledge

Plus, more and clear info is rarely a bad thing when making a reference chard

Just making a suggestion

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I get you but it isn’t a reference chart.
DT’s product pages and Aox’s reference chart already do a fine job.
The template sheet is a basic 2D implant placement tool: you cut out the silhouettes of the chips you’re interested in and put them on your body to see how they fit.
Other projections, renders, links etc wouldn’t improve that purpose and would turn it into a poor copy of what already exists.


@tac0s maybe we should;

  1. ensure product pages are updated and accurate

  2. include an .stl printable version of the implant as a dummy stand-in on each product page


Will do!