DT LF Antenna issue reading implant

Hey @amal, don’t suppose Iceman gave any insight regarding the issue you were helping with yesterday?

I’m just going to send an email to Lab401 to start the support process if I need to have it sent back and replaced.

I know you took a screenshot, I have a copy of the terminal in a text file I can send you as well if Iceman wants it that I can send.

Ah I sent you a Skype message… he wanted a pic of the back side pcb of the rdv4

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Aha, sorry. I don’t usually have skype running in the background.

I’ll take a few picks of it and send them on to you

Looks like the signatures need to be updated on the hardware…

echo “1C3134A9DC63C18318A1DE95653A695201777B385531B96240F1BBA53DED10B567707EB4BD20B467C28769008F4B9CEF83344A759AC40772F888336EA7E9894B1883200825D50122B7A88E67D80B479457CDD4D35807F985AB873777FCF8833E4E3B94BD60B7A97A620EC569BD6D1CA35EB2F40A897E0F04FFF027327CB541B9” | xxd -r -p > mysign.bin

[usb/cdc] pm3 → mem load -f mysign.bin -o 262015
[usb/cdc] pm3 → mem info


So, the [-] RSA private key validation... ( fail ) shows as fail. However
It certainly sorted the fw issue

The LF antenna still has the same issue though. I think I was just hit with a double wammy of unfortunate luck.
Massive props to yourself and Iceman though for even helping with this stuff.

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Thanks to both Amal and Iceman for their assistance.
Just to confirm, we will DOA the device and reship immediately.
Thanks to everyone for their collaboration and patience.


Thats what this community is all about :slight_smile:


same error, device /fw mismatch
I restart 2 times with same bad error.
how do you resolved it?

my problem is the signature FAIL

I read @amal answer but i don’t know steps to do it…

Where did you get your proxmark3?

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from LAB401 and dangerous things lf antena from LAB401
I have your proxmark3 easy from you but I can’t read my LF NExT implant.
I try with RDV4+LF antena on same laptop and another computer and the mistake is the same.

You will need a signature generated for your proxmark3. I would contact lab401 for support because we are seeing these come out of various vendors not being properly programmed and these vendors need to help resolve it.

the answer from lab401:

Thank you for contacting us.

The device is not defective, and should work as expected. This ‘feature’ is an anti-counterfeit feature to detect Chinese copies. The factory made an error when flashing the cryptographic signature on the devices.

Please let us know if you for some reason have an issue with it or have any other questions.


Well technically yes it should not affect the performance of the proxmark3.

My main concern at this point is the initializing command used to calibrate timings for the proxmark3… some seem to not have been loaded with that either, and that will affect performance… gotta look it up though…

This has been scripted :slight_smile: Start the client and run: script run init_rdv4

As per: