DT LF Antenna issue reading implant

So while I was trying to fix my pm3 easy, the micro usb went and shat the bed, I got an offer on a VR camera I was selling and decided to go ahead and grab the RDV4 and the DT antenna.

The issue I am running into is reading the LF side of my NExT. I had one luck read/write when cloning my word access card. I have cloned it to a card style T5577 card but since then I can seem to get a proper read on it and I’ve tried various different distances and orientations just to see.

running the lf tune command, I see that the mV changes very little if at all when trying to orientate the implant.

I’m stuck at home with an injury at the moment so cant even go test at work to see if the write took.

Anyone have any insight or suggestions i try? I am running it on windows with the latest release of ProxSpace, v3.8.

I have managed to crack and clone my master key for my electronic lock as well so I have a second copy, which I’m happy with.

Can you just make sure the screws are tight on the lf antenna.
Then do a hw tune and post the results

Thar ya be

I’m only just now noticing this


But I have successfully cloned other cards with it… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I find right up next to it, parallel to the implant.
The 2 cylindrical antennas couple better together.

Normally the xSeries is better perpendicular with “normal” antennas, but parallel with cylindrical antennas like in DT lf antenna and V1 xEM access controller

Yeah, bugger.

Just follow this through, and see how you go mate.

Yeah, I’ve been trying to run it parallel with the coil core. And I’m sure I got one good read/write with it but, as I mentioned, I cant test the implant with another reader at the moment.

I don’t know what would be the best scenario if something is broken, the implant or the antenna :expressionless:

If I do an lf tune with the other NExT I have that’s still in the injector the mV does sweep along a larger range but I don;t know if that’s because its in the injector or because its actually picking up the coil…

That’s the instructions I followed for ProxSpace. And for the most part it works no issue, clone my master key card for my flat. Issue just seems to be when using the DT antenna

Hopefully neither, but the antenna is cheaper and easier to replace.

What mode is the card you are trying to clone?
EM, HID, AWID, Indala?

Now that you have done one write you think is good, what commands are you using?
A generic

lf search

Or specific mode command
lf em41........

I think you still need to get your mismatch sorted



yah if the fw is mismatched some commands will work but others wont, fix that shi asap homie

I just use lf search and it picks up both my card and the clone, just not the implant.

Think I should just rerun the ProxSpace steps again?

That’s the thing, the commands work, just not with the implant. Even if I use the DT antenna on the cards it reads them okay if I hold them in the right orientation.

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can you pop a lf tune and screenshot the idle output when no tag is nearby?


thats a strangely low number, could you perhaps try with a different cable and sort the fw issue

this is with a HID Prox Card on the antenna



I’m actually using the one that came with the PM3 Easy. I’ll dig ou another one to try though

okay showoff :smile:

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if you keep getting issues with the proxlf try flipping out the stock rdv4 antenna, it gets good lf reads

This is the cable I got with the RDV4