Is ProxLF antenna a must have?

I have the NExt Implant that has a Hf side and a Lf side, my question is do I need a ProxLF antenna to program the LF t55xx Chip? I tried to read/write to it with my Proxmark3 rvd4 but I can’t get any kind of readings off it except for using LF tune. Any help would be appreciated

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Several people have posted that they have real problems with the stock antenna. I have a PM3 easy and I get consistently good reads. It probably all depends on placement of your implant in your body and placement on the antenna. I’ve always just placed my implant against the antenna and stayed very still only moving very small amounts between scans until I get consistent reads before attempting a write. If you have an rdv4 then it may just be worth it to get the proxLF if you’re always having trouble.


With the rdv4 also remember there is a Q switch on the antenna to change performance for bandwidth. Experiment with lower bandwidth, higher “range” switch settings.


I’ve been told if you have an RDV4, you can flip the antenna out instead and it’s supposedly pretty GD effective. I can’t get a fucking read on my NExT either way though lol

But, Not on the earlier ones

WRT the DT LF Antenna:
How long ago was your implant install?
Where did you get your DT antenna From?
How long ago did you get it?

Check out this thread, If yours is a newer one then maybe this is not relevant to you, but it maybe for somebody else, in the future, good to have the info ( llinks ) in multiple places so it is easier to find / stumble across

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