DT Piercing Partners in Philippines or (Support Group)

Hi Guys,

Its been a challenge to convince my doctor to have the NExT implanted to me due to its unregulated nature even when i have offered a waiver. I assure you she is catholic and non dogmatic :sweat_smile:

My aesthetic tattoo artist however is eager to do the job but quipped its his first time to “implant” but has been piercing ears for decades.

Im looking if there are any Authorized DT Piercing partners here in Manila, or anyobe here from within the Metro Manila cities, who had sucessfully installed one thru the help of another. Cant do it myself :sweat_smile:

Exhausted my efforts to look for a support group in facebook as well :joy:

a tattoo artist can probably do it well enough if you show them the vivokey spark installation guide


Thanks! Whew! 6 implants in one sitting doing it for the first time… pray for my soul :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


There is some Info in here that may help your tattoo artist and yourself


Thanks! This would definitely ease me up :grin:

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