DT We need this from you

Hello, as always it’s my pleasure being here asking for some help.
Honestly, I’m a very beginner and the thing I find the hardest is how a beginner like me can find tutorial over the web. I know DT already made some tutorial but they are kinda hard for beginner imo.
I suggest to start some YouTube playlist where you can explain in detail what people ask you. An example may be: I’d like to open the garage door by using an Arduino. You may want to make a tutorial where you explain the coding and the general installation, which we can adapt to our condition.
I understand that it’d take you some time but I feel confident to say that you would open the door of this world to much more people who need this (like me). I know we can find almost everything thro the DT forum but you know watching a detailed video tutorial is much easier, faster, and comprehensive than reading a post.

Idk I was just wondering if I’m the only one who’d benefit from this kind of things.


Check out the simpleAC by @Chimpofm for a HF arduino solution.


I know what you are saying @MrNiche , If you check the DT YouTube playlists

you’ll see that type of content is starting to roll out, as you said and are aware , it will take some time…

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All of those things exist on the DT channel afaik?

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The problem is that it is complicated. There’s no getting around it. Lots of people have tried to do “intro to RFID implants” videos, but if the viewer doesn’t have the desire or bandwidth to learn a bunch of stuff about the technology, they’re just not going to.

Vivokey is supposed to be the implant company for people who don’t want to learn all that.


I would not use “who don’t want to learn all that” but it’s kinda true. I mean some people don’t even know where they should start. @amal your video on YouTube are great but they suppose people to already know, which makes beginners’ lives hard.

I believe this community is so great!!!

This guy tried if you’re interested.


An example I may give you is: you know the video guide about the XEM? Well, I believe it’s great if all of us (the audience) were almost expert.
But for some people most of the things on that wood table are unknown and kinda hard to find where to buy them.
Instead, it’d be great if even beginners would have the chance to start understanding this stuff thro easy and comprehensive videos dedicated to beginners.

Don’t take my request as something you should’ve thought about. I’m aware most of the people here have an excellent background that allows them to understand easily. I’m just suggesting for those like me who need a little bit more help than others.

Thank you guys

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I totally understand… thinking thinking… how to you convey a very broad technical topic concisely… can be difficult. I will mull this around in the 'ol noggin.