Dual Frequency Reader

My original plan when I got my NExT chip was to put it in my left hand and clone my work badge onto it. I’ve got a simple card duplicator that works on the low frequency stuff and I’ve cloned my badge to a key fob successfully. The only concern I have is when I brought the RFID diagnostic card to work it kept flashing between both high and low frequency. I believe the reader they’re using is this one. “https://www.rfideas.com/products/readers/pcprox-plus“ and all it does is type in a number and hit enter on our punch clock system (it doesn’t have a keyboard otherwise I’d just type it myself) what I’m getting at is will having the high frequency chip there at the same time be a problem when I try to scan?

Side note, I’m totally new to the scene and little to no knowledge of the terminology so be easy on me please.

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Yeah, that can be an issue. There’s no real good way of fixing it right now. Some people have found out ways to hold your hand a certain way but it depends from reader to reader.

When you purchased your NExT you should have recieved 2 x xLED field testers. ( 1 x 125kHz 1 x 13.56MHz )

you could try using each of these to find the location and orientation of the sweet spot (xLED at its brightest) and then present your NExT accordingly…Just a thought. Good luck

That is a good idea, I only brought the 125khz one in because that’s all I was thinking about needing but I suppose if I bring both in I could find the sweet spot for each coil in the reader.

@Pilgrimsmaster Thanks for the idea, I went in with both of the xLED’s and found that it’s going to be really easy to get the LF side of my chip to scan first. In fact finding a spot for the HF side proved to be a pain which works out great in my case.


Great stuff