Dual Frequency Ring

We now have dual frequency rings available with T5577 and NTAG216 chips inside!


Is it marked with NFC and RFID?!
image image

indeed. it’s a special fashion statement :wink: be a cool kid.

in all honesty it was supposed to have a small dot for RFID and two small dots for NFC but there was a miscommunication so yes it says NFC on the NFC side and RFID on the RFID side… but it is very subtle… barely visible unless you look closely.

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Initial reaction was that having ring/bracelet versions diverges from the whole biohacker field into wearables. I quickly realized it’s our duty as a community to lower the barrier to entry for everyone else :confused: it’s a bitter pill to swallow but the fact of the matter is more people will end up getting implant versions if they can play around with a wearable first that has been configured identical to the implant.


Make sense and I think I agree

I’d rather people just get implanted, but more rfid adoption is better for us to get a commercial lock system

Also show the capability and possibilities of ease of access without cards etc. I feel more product you have reaching a wider range, will bring us new people in the biohacker/implant community. I was personally planning on buying a t5577 ring to use around work before I get the FlexEM installed. Hopefully more people build up to the idea of Implants etc.

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What material is the ring made out of?

It is ceramic + resin

I’m convinced! 30quid for 2 chips, without the need of an installation :+1:
Is it going to blink at some point?

hah prob not

You gotta keep the cool stuff for the cool
Kids :sunglasses:


Does the NTAG216 already have a password set before shipping? Looks like all the recommended changes the Dangerous NFC app does have already been implemented.

The NExT does have password already set.
The xNT does not.

The dual frequency ring does not have a password set.


DHL or USPS to be Determined by Shipper: $46.50?
eh no

The password on the hf side of the Dual Frequency Ring was DNGR, just like the NExT.