Dud flexM1 Gen2a

So recently I had a flexM1 gen2a installed in my forearm. It was one with the old form factor, with the copper antenna. I wasn’t able to read it in the vial, but no worries, the same thing happened with my other chips and they still functioned. So after two weeks, I decided to try reading/writing to it… And nothing. My phone couldn’t pick up anything, and neither does my PM3 Easy. So now I’m wondering, do I have a dud chip in my arm now, and what the hell can I do about it, or can I save it.

My rules #1, #2 and #3 are:

1/ Don’t implant anything that doesn’t ring outside of your body
2/ Don’t leave the tattoo parlor without getting a read from the thing inside of you. If that means bringing a Proxmark or a high power reader and a laptop to the tattoo parlor and crowding the place with electronics just to do the before and after checks, do it. If the artist won’t let you, go someplace else.

And yes, I know I said there were three rules and I only gave you two, but they’re so important that I thought I’d throw in an extra rule anyway.

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Mmm. I thought I could trust DT with sending quality implants, but I know that for next time.

The question is, what now?

I should perhaps introduce a slight nuance: if you don’t have the right equipment, NFC glassies won’t read inside the needle. So you may skip 1/ in that case, but not 2/.

What now is, I think you should hit the DT contact form on the main site.

It was a flex in this case, but yeah, definitely something to keep in mind. Have you found any readers that can scan HF implants inside a needle?

The DL533XL will, with some difficulty after a lot of sweet spot searching, but it stands a fair chance to hit at least one read - which is good enough to test if the thing is alive. You can do that at home though, no need to crowd the installer for that bit.

There’s also the option of slightly ejecting the glassie out of the needle until it reads on a suitably sprightly cellphone just before installing it, which you most definitely should have your installer do in full hygienic regalia.

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One word on this: they do. But it’s not easy to produce these things by hand - if indeed your implant was DOA, which isn’t necessarily what happened: your installed might have shoved it in too roughly, you might have bumped it. And then there’s just plain bad luck. It can happen with any ordinary household product, and implants are anything but.

I know a thing or two about bad luck with flex implants and I don’t hold a grudge :slight_smile: Talk to Amal, he’ll sort you right out, don’t you worry none.