Dumb phone Apex Authenticator?

So I am thinking of switching to a dumbphone partially because my phone is too distracting but also because I really miss actual buttons and t9 however I’m not finding many phones that have both physical keys and and nfc beyond the Titan phones.

The other thing is, are there standalone devices that would just run like something similar to the Apex OTP app ? My current thought is I’d have to carry around a smart phone with my dumb phone just in case I had to authorize myself when I’m out and about.

The ideal situation for me would be if the Cat S22 phone has an NFC reader but I get why they would omit this feature.

Honestly your best option is probably a minimal Android install. Maybe GrapheneOS on a Pixel + extreme battery saver with minimal apps installed.

If you don’t have the self discipline to not open a distracting app you won’t have the discipline to continue using a gimped phone.

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What about first trying an app?

Also, if you want a minimal phone, with NFC & buttons, I think I may have found your perfect solution, but im not 100% sure.

The re-released Nokia 3310
I wasnt sure if it had NFC, but apparently it does.

And you’ll need the Android version, I have a feeling you’ll need to sideload the apps you want, but in theory it SHOULD work


What would it take to make an otp app for flipper zero that reads the otp from apex?

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Hmm actually the clock in the flipper might not be good enough…

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I ran this for a while and I’m currently using a different minimalist launcher. Id actually recommend both of them as launchers as I find even just the aesthetic to be more appealing than most launchers. Maybe I should switch back to Minimalist.

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Oh nice I’m gonna have to do some research. I was looking at the Nokia 2780 but it ran I think KaiOS and yubico auth only has Android and iOS version iirc

Yeah I have def longed for a Flipper Zero otp auth all, as it stands now my flipper is really just an expensive amiibo emulator :rofl: