Easy Guard : Push to start installation ( with easy removal option)

That’s a great mod. The xAC V1 had a great antenna for xSeries

Did you install it to do the door lock /unlock also?

I’m actually still working on that at the moment in the same way (with the access controller v1 :slight_smile:

I hope to have everything ready by mid-September and then I’ll post the result here :slight_smile:

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The xAC V1 draws only 11mA, and since you are already running 2 systems, did you consider using the easyguard as I did purely for Start /Stop and using the xAC for door locks.

In my opinion, It would probably be far easier with 2 separate systems.

A simple unlock system is easy.

A lock/unlock with a Flip Flop, slightly more difficult but still easily doable

I had considered doing it myself, but I am determined to have a single device solution

You are most welcome to do that as a mod to mine, or equally your own project post.

I work with a separate access controller for opening and closing the doors based on a 3rd key.
I’m working on making a switch so that I only need 1 access reader for opening and closing.
the intention is that if it is open the next time I put my hand against the reader the carriage will close and the next time it will open again :slight_smile:

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This is super helpful. I was planning on trying to install this as soon as I can figure out the best method to bypass the immobilizer on my 2014 Jetta, so thanks for the detailed write-up!

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I’ve been on the edge for this for a while

I keep flip flopping for a couple reasons

I can’t decide if I want to retain a key cylinder for a backup (I’d feel pretty stupid if it shits itself and I need a tow)

Or no key cylinder but much easier to steal

I also want to rig a Xac up to a button below my mirror for temporary power

In 2015 I made it to Belgian television in a science program.
If you scroll to 1:10 in the video you will see a working version which is described here when applied to a VW Touran.
Both opening and closing as well as starting the car.
The implants I used for this were the xEM and the xNT.

link: De Schuur van Scheire ontdekt de Chipman! - YouTube


I didn’t mention this in my post, but I have left the cylinder in the glove box (could be hidden further if you wanted)
with a screwdriver and 2 minutes you could put the Key cylinder back in…

Again something I considered and would agree it is a very feasible option.

I wondered about this looking at how easy it was to remove… this helps

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That was a nice build, Thanks for the link, I had never seen that video before

In 2015, I was the first to propose this on Belgian television in Belgium.
I then ordered these from Amal on kickstart and if you watch the entire video you will also see that I had bought all kinds of smart locks to automate as much as possible for this time :slight_smile:
Since I live in Belgium and that American locks (deadbolt) I also had to adjust my door.
Today I am walking with 2 FlexMT in my hands, 1 xEM and 1 xNT, paychip and 1 cassox double magnet in my arm :slight_smile:

Of all the locks that were there then, the one on the front door remains, and I also ended up in the European smart locks from DOM.


I have these 2 models throughout my house.
Work perfectly with the flexMT

For my mailbox:

For the rest of my doors:

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Check out Easy Guard Rfid imobilzer …
I think its more practical… but the push button is cooler.

What do you think of it?

The fobs are battery powered, and 2.4GHz, so not compatible with our implants

I think if you installed it, you would then have to bypass it…Therefore, personally not what I would call practical.

Although, If you wanted to install that, you could follow @turbo2ltr awesome solution for similar systems.

What kind of chip does that use?

Rfid powered immobilizer is a system I would love to see.

I’m working on one but it’s taking a while. If you want something now you could build something with an arduino.

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@Pilgrimsmaster in Easy Guard Website, also in there AliExpress store , there are a few different Rfid systems. they have different price, product code, and in the product picture, the number pins is different.
But, i cant understand what make them different from one another.

Can you see what makes the difference?

This is an awesome writeup!

Do you think its possible to mount it in parallel to the key ignition?
So you can either use the chip or the physicals key.

Also, found one that looks “very similar” on amazon (US):

I can tell you the last one you listed was the most likely to the one I used above

Here is the link to the actual store I bought it from

NZ$ 22.30 49%OFF | 12V Auto Car Alarm One Start Stop Button Engine Start Push RFID Lock Ignition Switch Keyless Entry Anti-theft System RU In Stock

Yes, If i left the key barrel in position, I could have place the Start button elsewhere and I could use either to start.

see here

you could just leave the keybarrel and a tool or two (this one only needs a Phillips screwdriver 🪛) hidden in the car.

That’s the understatement of the decade.