Easy way to program NFC chips?

I appologize if this question has been answered already, but I did a lot of research and couldn’t find an adequate answer so far.
I’m wondering how to write an NFC tag (I mean xNT, or Flex, or DesFire, …), without the need of a Linux PC, and without the need of a deep understanding of the chip architecture.

I mean, is there an easy way to write the informations I need (on a Windows PC or Android phone), without having to think about registers, or calculating in hex, etc…? Or simply copy from one to another chip (of course without considering the UID).
Let’s say, a solution for consumers, not for specialists?

Any literature out there? Any suggestions which application to use? Which reader/writer (for Windows)?

Thank you all, and All The Best,

There sure is. “NFC Tools” on the Play Store is one of the nicer ones, I find, although there are plenty other great apps. NFC Tools allows you to just chose a record type, fill in the information, and tap the tag to the back of your phone.

Really the only time you would need to use more advanced features would be if you wanted to change the configuration bytes on the on a NTAG216(xNT, FlexNT) or something similar to that, which is rare and not needed by the majority of people.

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