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I stumbled across biohacking and became amazed. I’m especially interested in the Transponders at the moment. Of course, I don’t want to just wing it, I would like to know as much as possible about them. I’ve found either very basic information (such as what they can do: open doors, store ID, etc) or what I find to be complex information (full of acronyms and numbers that I don’t understand). And scrolling forums I find dicussions for seasoned griders, not newbies. Before I continue my research on my own, I figured I could ask some of you experts where some good places to start would be? Where would I best gain an understanding of:

  1. The details of what those acronyms and numbers mean?
  2. What the differences between different transponders are and what do those differences entail?
  3. The culture of grinders.
  4. Eventually, what areas I need to study to modify and create things that can respond to my transponder. (I’ll buy the textbooks and self-study)
  5. And just generally things I should know or things you wish you knew when you started out!

I don’t need any detailed answers here, just some books or websites to start off with, or advice on the educational path you took that gave you an understanding of all this. Thank you in advance!

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Probably start here and read all the articles.

1: If you are talking about things like “ISO-14443”, and “ISO-15693”, those are standards published by the International Organization for Standards that define how the different types of RFID/NFC are to work.

2: Differences:

3: For culture, try the RFID Implantee FB group

4: You will need to understand basic electronics. Understanding how to use an Arduino board and a PN532 Shield from Adafruit would probably be a basic setup to start controlling things with NFC. If you have an xEM, Sparkfun has a 125khz RFID starter kit that I’ve used. If you want something already built, DT has the xEM access controller.

5: It can be daunting, but do your research and you’ll be fine.

I would say a LOT of posts on this forum are by newbies so you aren’t alone.