EEOO RFID Padlock...just say no

This is not a review, I’m terrible at following whatever format is preferred lol
If you’re looking for a review, just don’t buy it…Mmmmmkay?

Now that that’s out of the way
Bought this awhile ago for 30$ as a long shot to see if it would work with nfc implant

Yes, it’s covered in among us…mega cringe
Luckily the lock is just a sticker that was peeled off 2 seconds after I opened it… even though I might have still returned it… it was going back without that stupid sticker

The good,
It actually works with any 13.56 easy enough,
And can program and remove cards, very much like a XACV2

It actually gets a 1” or so read range with iso cards or key fobs

The bad, it just doesn’t work with implants
It won’t light up a field detector, and it only just turns on the diagnostic card

It either won’t pickup my flex, or it doesn’t like it… unsure which, but I’m pretty sure I got it to open with a mifare iso

I’m guessing the antenna is just not snapped like what we need

…it’s also plastic Chinese garbage… I’m sure you could karate chop it loose, besides tapping and magnet bypasses and all the other fun stuff

But at the price point it would have been fun for gym lockers and the Low level stuff for convenience

NOW, I am going to tear into with reckless abandon😈

Come along for the ride

Videos to follow, I’ve already cut it open using a heated exacto knife… unfortunately it was glued shut and no real way to release it

Currently trying to melt away as much plastic in front of the antenna using acetone as I can, in a controlled way


I admire your dedication to make this usable :slight_smile:

It’s not going to be usable lol, never was lol

Just exploring it

Wow there’s a lot of silicon or potting compound between you and the antenna

Antenna is on the back of the pcb, and there’s not enough that passes thru

Doesn’t seem to like my purewrist, even though it should see it as a 14443a I think

Seems to like my xM1 and NExT, but nit enough juice to ring my xSIID

A few hours of distraction, if you glean anything useful, cool otherwise this has been a pointless excursion by ErieQuiet… thank you and good night


Looking at your pictures, it sure looks like a lost cause. But if it were somehow salvageable for implant use, it might still have a place for some purposes. For instance, as a lightweight locker padlock in a school or a gym: it’s strong enough to keep honest people honest, nobody’s gonna take a bolt cutter or a crowbar to it in a crowded place full of witnesses, and it’s probably adequate to protect a bunch of dirty underwear or schoolbooks.

I for one wouldn’t mind keeping one of those in my backpack, instead of the giant tank of a padlock I currently carry.

Once I realized it was glued shut, I accepted I was never closing it back up and this was just exploring for the next person or someone smarter than me

I would be curious to see if one of those booster stickers could boost it / reorient the field enough to make an implant work, a 5$ sticker on a 30$ lock could be acceptable

What flex did you take to it that you say didn’t work?

Desfire ev1 - purewrist

I did a scan and it’s saying it’s 14443-4, so maybe it’s not 14443a

Now I’m curious if my nano wave can snag the uid from it…

Nope it can, so I’m guessing the lock should see it

Oh… DESfire. That’s always a crapshoot with UID-based locks. Half of mine recognize my EV2, the other half doesn’t, and one recognizes it when enrolling the implant but not to unlock the lock. Go figure…

Do you have a NTAG21x card lying around to try it with? Or better, a flexNT :slight_smile: If I knew it worked with a NTAG21x, I’d almost be tempted to pick one up for shits and giggles.

It will read a ntag215 iso card easy
It was able to read my NExT when I placed the pcb right on it

It ships with what I can guess without pulling out my proxmark is a mifare classic (iPhone won’t read it)

The small ring tag was also a ntag215 and it read easy enough

The chip on a stick was a ntag216

Sadly I don’t have a flexNT

I’d send you the carcass that still functions, but I suspect shipping would cost more than a new one

Sounds like it’s time for my credit card to spring into action and buy more useless crap :slight_smile:

You’re going to get it to work with a flexNT and then I’m going to have to get a new implant AND a new lock aren’t I?

Hmm, small but important question: are you on the market for a padlock that you want to actually make boring real use of, or are you just fucking around with NFC hardware?

If the former, I’d say get yourself the same Wilka I got. It ain’t cheap - as in, it’s fucking insanely expensive - but it’s a bona fide padlock that comes with some bite to go with the bark, and it’ll work with your current implants.

If the latter, yeah… probably :slight_smile:

Regardless, I’d say get a flexNT anyway: it’s by far my favorite dumb implant, and the old-style format is on the way out in favor of the (less desirable to me) winged design. So I’d say grab one while you still can. You know you want to :slight_smile:

Ordered :slight_smile:

Wait, is that a bodge wire on the bottom left of the PCB?

Is be happy to tell you, if you can explain to me what that is :upside_down_face:

Oh I also posted the second video wrong

The above YouTube video should be different now

Look like it. Quality product :slight_smile:

I bought one to fiddle with and that explains why it reads better from the back side of the lock.

I couldn’t get anything to read from the back oddly

I’ll take a video sometime tonight and post it. I was shocked when I set it down on the card and it opened.