EEOO RFID Padlock...just say no

So do I, hence my ordering it. And I’m hoping it’ll work with my IAR M1k too, the hope being that the device somehow works better with Mifare Classics than NTAGs for some reason (I have one lock like that), and that IAR outperforms any HF DT glassie anyway.

Hmm, now I’m curious if it’d work with my gen2 flexM1 (which I still haven’t had put in, waiting for my Apex to get both in at the same time).

If it was <$20 I might buy it on a whim for testing, but $40 is a bit rough. I look forward to seeing Rosco’s results, it would indeed make a great gym lock, and it’d be a good incentive to have my flexM1 put in.


While typing those dollar signs,

I found\ out \ you \ could \ do \ this. So \ fancy!

Turns out, the MathJax discourse plugin is installed, allowing for math formatting using dollar signs. Hopefully it renders on your device, there’s a slight delay in loading.


I’m amused, that in trying to prevent people from wasting money and time on this lock, I’ve sold like 3



I wanted one in my collection of NFC locks but I didn’t pick it up before because, although I knew it was generally shit, I didn’t know in what way exactly. Your analysis and report tell me exactly what to expect out of it, so I can buy me a shit lock knowing exactly where I’m going with it and what (not) to expect out of it.

Plus you got me curious and I can’t resist buying something that I’ve seen the innards of :slight_smile:

And more seriously, while I love my Wilka, it’s just too damn big for very light, casual use. This could fill the low-end niche - although I suspect it’s a bit too low-end.

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But surely not for a changing room in a Finnish Sauna

Here’s that video I promised.

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Weird, my wouldn’t do squat if it wasn’t from directly front middle

Left a review for it on Amazon, 3 stars because honestly it works decent… just not for our niche use case

Mentioned it won’t work for implants… and that bio hackers are a untapped market for “affordable” padlocks

Cynic in me tells me they are just trying to guard their reviews and do whatever they can to “resolve” complaints

But it does seem like it’s at least on their radar as a blip now

I also sent them the video of me running chips and implants all over it…

Worst case I wasted 5 minutes of my life trying to get a manufacturer to play with us

Best case, we get a cheap nfc implant lock

…most likely, my video gets passed around the office as “look at this crazy shit” :sweat_smile:

Screw it, I added a star, mentioned it’s a cool lock just doesn’t work for biohackers, and specified that they reached out and made legit conversation



I found your review and clicked helpful, if that helps get their attention.

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I have less than zero understanding on how that effects anything lol

More :star: More gooder

Ooh lookie here: it’s actually coming :slight_smile:

Ordered 23 days ago no less…


Okay so my EEOO padlock has arrived. Here’s my mini-review:

As Eriequiet has demonstrated, this is NOT a security product: it’s extremely flimsy and - something I didn’t expect - almost comically lightweight. It’s such a bad padlock I’m pretty sure Stephen Hawking armed with nothing more than a toothpick would have a decent crack at forcing it open - and he’s been dead for almost 4 years, that should tell you something.

However, the EEOO does have two things going for it:

  • It works with the flexNT. Actually, it only works with NTAGs or Mifare Classic implants. It doesn’t work with my flexDF2 or my payment conversion, and it doesn’t work with my IAR M1k glassie - but that’s because it’s a glassie. Still, it works great with the flexNT. Check it out:

  • It doesn’t claim to be a security product. In fact, it has shit padlock written all over it.

So one of 4 things can happen:

  • You’re insane and you’re securing something valuable with this, and the thief is as insane as you and thinks you’ve secured something valuable, goes to the (small) trouble of breaking it open and hits the jackpot: well you’re stupid, so you don’t get no pity from me.
  • You’re insane but the thief isn’t: they’ll leave your padlock alone, because hey, who would be dumb enough to secure something valuable with something that shitty eh? Bingo! You win :slight_smile:
  • You’re not insane and you only secure dirty underwear in a gym locker with that thing. But the thief is a fry short of a Happy Meal, breaks into your locker (somehow… in full view of the other gym patrons, but nevermind that), puts on your filthy undies and bolts. Well bad luck: you’ll have to go back home with a towel wrapped around your hips. But that’s pretty unlikely.
  • You’re not insane and neither is the thief, and your undies are safe.

With that in mind, assuming you’re not insane, then suddenly the EEOO padlock does have a place in your arsenal of implantee-friendly devices: it’s very light and very small - meaning it won’t take up space in your backpack or even in your pocket - and the 4.5 mm shackle is thin enough to secure a key to something else directly, without an adapter like the one I made for my much larger Wilka padlock.

Incidentally, here it is next to the Wilka:

They just don’t bowl in the same league, is all :slight_smile:

It’s a device to keep honest people honest. I think it works well enough for that if you use it to secure insignificant things in a crowded place. Me, I’ll use it in the low-risk places I need a padlock to lock things in. If nothing else, it’s yet another device to demonstrate how implants work to implant-curious people.

So… it’s a keeper :slight_smile:

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Pleased it works with your flexnT

I felt kinda bad you were spending money on what I felt wasn’t going to work

No chance: I bought it specifically because I knew it would work thanks to you :slight_smile:

Hey Rosco, I’m sure you would have, but asking just in case

Did you test your IAR M1 on the back of the Padlock?

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Yeah, it ain’t working. In fact, it won’t pick up my flexNT from the back of the padlock either.

I say “padlock” with the most generously inclusive definition of the word, because I’m toying with it right now, and holy sweet jesus on a spit is it shit or what… The hole thing - including the shackle - weighs not much more than a 9V battery :slight_smile:

It’s not so much a padlock than an NFC-controlled “occupied” sign for lockers. But hey, as occupied signs go, it’s a clever sign.

Haha, I think we knew that from the outset…but it works as expected, so Yay!

Well I’m not unhappy. I wasn’t expecting anything more than what I got, so it’s all good. It’s just that the disconnect when I say “padlock” and I read “padlock” on the box and “padlock” on the title of this thread and what it actually is makes my head spin. If that thing is a padlock, I’m a tutu-wearing ballerina.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have…


EEOO padlock in action on gym locker