Electric shock, discomfort in the hands where I have an implant

Hello everybody, 3 hours ago I have with my right hand touched a rj45 plug and took a good electric shock, since 3 hours I have a discomfort in my left hand and only in my left hand and it’s where I have my spark 2 implanted, has anyone ever had this situation? And is it “normal”? I don’t have any pain but I really have discomfort, it’s horrible.

Thank you for your answers

I’ve never heard of that, but it could be possible. It could also be psychosomatic. Have you tried putting ice on it?

Also, I didn’t know you could get shocked by an Ethernet jack. Was the system running Power over Ethernet (PoE)?

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No I didn’t put any ice, and yes it’s a PoE system.

Probably psychosomatic. There isn’t nearly enough current to mess up the chip, and probably not enough to mess up your meat around it if you only felt a shock - even a large one. We’re talking milliamps here. Maybe your nerve endings are a bit shocked though. Just wait it out, it’ll probably go away.


Yes the chip works very well, just the discomfort that is really in the area of the implant that was disturbing me, I wanted to understand if there was a logic or if it was just my brain playing tricks on me, I will wait again and hope that the discomfort disappears, thank you for your answers.

It bears mentioning that your implant’s chip is inside a glass vial. The only way to damage it is to apply enough voltage to spark across the glass wall, which is virtually impossible unless you’re thunderstruck. There’s absolutely no way you’ll fry it with an electric shock even if you stick your fingers in a mains socket.

I know it wasn’t your question, but I thought I’d mention it :slight_smile:


Not to be to much of a pedant, but the newer PoE++ can deliver up to 100W :slight_smile:


100W… 48V… 2A… that would hurt yes but damage the chip nah the glass tube will protect it from that. You would sooner cook your hand before the current bust through the glass.

I electrocuted myself with a living room lamp the other day, i was startled, i cried, my hand hurt, i got a blister… my implants i barely noticed.


I don’t like being pedantic, but I thought I would mention: electrocution implies death, as it’s a portmanteau of electricity and execution.

Either way, damn that sounds painful, hope your blister heals soon :relaxed:

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Hmm, yes let’s be pedantic :slight_smile:

PoE is 57V max. Dry skin is around 100kΩ, while wet skin is around 1000Ω. So depending on how wet hands, your skin will conduct between 0.57mA and 57mA at the most (current, not power: it’s current that kills you).

If you’re unfortunate enough to touch the source with both hands wet and that current reaches your heart, you might die. If you grab a stripped ethernet cable with wet hands, you might not be able to release it. Otherwise, most likely you’ll get a good jolt, is all. That’s if the source even reaches 57V in the first place of course.

And of course, none of that current will ever flow through the chip.

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You got me

Not to be that guy but

I was injured, however not killed. In any case, it healed this was months ago when i was moving house, but thanks for your good wishes :stuck_out_tongue:


This thread is turning into a pedant’s paradise! :stuck_out_tongue:


I use a TENS shockey thing nightly for my old man elbows and sometimes I move the pads a little lower towards my hands and implants. I have yet to feel anything weird in my installs or any kind of discomfort.


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well… i mean…

  • you could get a mean static shock to a shielded cable which is properly grounded, then think it shocked you (when really you shocked it hah!)

  • i’ve seen ethernet conductors being used for POTS and touching a wire with a 120v ring signal coming in doesn’t feel good.

  • power and data closets are often in the same place, with wires running right next to each other… never underestimate the stupidity of people.

Even if you got a little shock from it, it wouldn’t do anything to your spark 2. any ongoing sensation is probably just you focusing on it (psychosomatic)

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I was always under the impression that Electrocute did imply death. Seems it depends on the dictionary

*Google: “Kill or injure”
*Duck Duck Go: “To Kill”
*Merriam-Webster: “Kill or severely Injure”
*Dictionayr.com : “To Kill”
*The Free Dictionary: “To Kill”
*Cambridge Dictionart: “To Kill”
*Collins Dictionary: “Killed or badly injured”
*And the most important one, the Urban Dictionary: “To kill”

I imagine it once had a universal definition of death by electric shock, but remember that dictionaries are a record of how words are used, not an authority on how they should be used.

If enough people misuse it often enough, its definition will shift over time in a very annoying way!

That is literally a perfect example.