(***) EM MARIN Writer for T5577

This writer is only for T5577 cards and EM Marin system (ID)


45mm x 30mm


Sneak Technology


Reads and writes T5577 chips in EM Mode*
*EM 410x was the only card/tag/fob/ “FlexEM” ( Aliexpress Analogue ) I read and wrote to.


Stored data, waiting to write

To be aware of:-
This will write the “standard” 51243648 password

Remove the Fucken 51243648 password

This is outside the purpose of the review, but PM3 commands for a quick reference:-
To remove the forced password and write a new EM410x ID
This is the method I used

lf t55xx read b 0 p 51243648 o

lf t55xx wipe

lf t55 trace

lf t55xx write b 0 d 00107060 p 51243648

lf t55xx write b 7 d 00000000

lf em 410x_write ********** 1

********** = your chosen EM410x UID


• Very small
• Works reliably
• Rechargeable ( Micro USB)
• Extremely simple to use ( 2 buttons - Read Write, 1 switch - On Off )
• Cheap


• Forces on a password
• Switch not protected ( Easily bumped )
• Limited mode options




Does what it says and does it well.

Tested on “FlexEM” ( Analogue, Not implanted ) and it read and wrote SURPRISINGLY easily.
I didn’t want to risk it on installed xSeries and I have no spare xEM or NExT to test it on.
Normally I would have presumed there was no chance it would work on an xSeries, but the ease with which it wrote to the “FlexEM” it MAY have a chance :interrobang:

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***Sigh*** password again…

So it’s a nifty $10 device, but you need a $300 PM3 to put the chip right after it’s done :slight_smile:

Isn’t that always the way? The cheap option does 90% of what you want, you need to pay diminishing returns for that last 10%, and for every dollar you pay it gets harder to use.

Well it would be alright without the goddamn password I guess. I don’t know what it is with Chinese chip programmers and passwords - especially when it’s not even a secret no more.

Or a $60 Easy, but yeah same point.

I view it very much like the Blue cloner.
If that’s all you want, it will do the job.
Feedback is visual rather and audible.

Remembering of course you don’t need to remove the password when you are reading and writing with it, its only when you want to change modes or wipe back to T5577.

In fact, I didnt try, but you SHOULD also be able to interchange reading / writing with the Blue cloner in EM mode.

The case is translucent and you can see the antenna, and it has a :point_up_2: place here symbol on it.

The thing I was most impressed by was, the 100% hit rate reading and writing from/to the “FlexEM”
I did it ~10 times super easy.

Thanks to Google Translate.
Some translation if you care.