EM4100, looking for more exhaustive studies

I know EM410x IDs can not be cloned on another EM410x chip, I did manage to do it on a t5577 card, also learned how to set a password to it and making it write-protected.

So ELECTRA devices changed my apartment building access point with another EM4100 ELECTRA device, and now, guess what, I can’t use my pm3 to clone them anymore… At first I thought it would be the read/write ability from the t55xx that makes the new Electra EM4100 not to recognize my new cloned card… But after I set the password, and verified that for example my F0 can not overwrite it, It won’t work…

There is the “official Electra cloner” sold online that can overwrite the EM4100 chips. How is that possible?

A simple google search for: " Programator tag-uri Electra PRG.ELT.300/400" and you can find the device, I don’t want to make advertisements here, because I’m just interested if it would actually be possible to overwrite a EM140x? Or if someone has more comprehensive or exhaustive research on these devices and how they work?


they have a sentinel bit