Embed chip into watch band

Wanted to float the idea of adding the magic band to an apple watch band. This would make it easier for having on hand every day and being more covert. Alternatively this could be a custom mod but finding the right chips has been a little difficult without purchasing wholesale.

Which chip are you referring to? The Disney “magic band”?

Kinda related, but it looks like DT has a service for creating Magic Band implants.

Might not be what you’re looking for exactly, but that option is there. Could be possible to take the implant and connect it to the Apple Watch band somehow, but considering how thin the bands are already, it could be difficult.

If I remember correctly, I think it was something like a desfire and similar to bank cards,

Can’t be cloned, have to convert a real unit

Sorry I meant the Magic Ring from the Dangerous Things store. Essentially having the ability to clone key fobs and write to an apple watch band since many people only have a watch for jewelry.

For raw chips with antennas try searching aliexpress for “S50 coil” and “t5577 coil”

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It’s probably easier to source a couple of magic chips and T5577s from ebay that trying to extract the ones in a magic ring.

The ceramic in the DT ring should be pretty tough.

Waaay easier to just buy some, probably cheaper too

I believe from previous conversations, you are extremely likely to break the antenna inside a ring, since you can’t do a dissolve soak, and have to physically break it apart

So now you bought a ring for 20ish bucks, broke the antenna, and need to buy/build a new one and either hope the tuning is close or have terrible performance… on top of magic chips already being a bit iffy due to grey market

US $2.50 | keytag NFC 13.56Mhz UID 0 block 7 bytes MF S50 1K rewrite changeable rfid card mutable writeable chinese magic card copy clone

Here’s a sticker, you could easily make a watch band and slip this inside or onto it
US $0.75 | On Metal type 13.56Mhz UID Changeable Sticker M1 S50 RFID Block 0 Writable Proximity Card Rewrite Copy Clone

A more robust option
US $1.03 30% Off | 5/10 NFC S50 coin TAG key 13.56MHz F08 universal tag RFID token patrol tag tag UID 0 sector can be changed

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