Enrolling Mifare DESFire EV2 4k onto Chip

I’m new to biohacking and am looking for an implant to improve quality of life. At my uni/work we use a card to access everything. When scanning the card, it comes up as a ISO 14443-4 Mifare DESFire EV2 4k card with a 7 byte UID. I have seen some other forum posts about how DESFire EV2 cannot be cloned. I have talked with some people that work at the uni, and given that I get one, I would be able enroll a chip the same as enrolling a new id card. If I were to do this, would a xDF2 chip work? I am just posting to make sure I’m thinking about this correctly before committing.

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If they can enroll a new chip, it should work.
Keep in mind that it might lock your chip, depending on what they configure.
Not sure if systems have an option to “clear” a chip so it’s ready to get reused

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I see, I’ll talk to them about the possibility of clearing the chip. Thank you.

Unfortunately it may be a while until the xdf2 is back in stock.

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The flexDF2 should still be available. It’s slightly larger and the range is better but it’s slightly harder to implant.

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My opinion, this is worth it, it will have a better chance of coupling with the readers.

I would suggest you get a DF EV2 test card, do the enroll process and test if it works, thete are a couple of things that could happen when they enroll depending on how the system is set up, they may have “pre-enrolled cards” they just issue and assign to people, so you just want to check that you can restore your card to blank, and if not, then see if they can
“erase to factory”
“Remove applet”
amd give you full acces back to your card.

If so, then I would recommend you go ahead with a FlexDF2 purchase.
This will come in a sealed bag, that you will be able to test on the readers until you are ready to install.

2 things:-

  • What country/city are you located, we may be able to help find you an installer

  • What is the access system/ readers etc.
    photos of a reader, and possibly the card may be helpful if you dont know

Ah that’s a good idea, I’ll go ahead with getting a test card to see how it is.
I’m in Colorado, I saw there’s an installer in Denver i think?
It seems everything is a salto systems product.

hmm, there is a possibility that it may use a simple UID based system, HOWEVER, it is also capable of using a more secure set up, so, a test card is probably your best first step

Ah okay. I’ll do that and let you guys know how it ends up. Thank you for all the help.

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Any luck with that installer?