Enserb in the forehead first ever?


I was gonna do a runme right here

Almost there .

So if my wordprocessor begins to come with clouds do I imitatly throw it into a pool plugged in and call the police plague down from the Lord? Then sent returned device into a refurbish network?

Then take proxmark ease version to next wordprocessor preferably a library wordprocessor for further installation?


Not sure why have all these errors.
Did you follow the instructions in this post? Enserb in the forehead first ever? - #10 by Pilgrimsmaster

It’s pretty much foolproof. I followed them and it worked great to update my Proxmark Easy.

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Hmmm I’ll try it again. How can I use my implant for loop payments like gas or purchasing stuff from a vending machine or gas

Basically you cant with an xSIID

have a read of this


So the xsiid didn’t heal correctly. Because I didn’t insert the needle for a resting place. But about a week later I thought I’d just give it a slight push and it popped right out. So I’m going to purchase a wallet more and have it done professionally. Where are some decent places in California that I can have one inserted professionally. Thanks.

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You’re going to pay with your forehead?

Yes, he mentioned bowing to the “card reader”.

:bowing_man: :computer: :dollar:

Could be pretty difficult to use, a lot of readers are crap or super picky about presentation and angle

Bowing is one thing, but dragging your forehead around and twisting and bending your neck to the right angle doesn’t seem as amusing

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It doesn’t? I laughed just picturing it!