Enserb in the forehead first ever?

Well I got the xsiid blue package with proxmark and Inserted the blue led into my fore head. A complication did come in when inserting it I didn’t set how planned. It’s in there but it’s at a slanted angle. Because when I tried to insert it it went it at foresomereason an angle. It didnt set how planned. But it looked like one of the Hindi marks on the forehead but it’s healed up now. Then I inserted the xem into the left hand. Now I’m trying to get promark to work. I’m gonna try it all over from the beginning again. I messed up somewhere I did a runme then when I go to run me the programdoesnt want to pop up I also went to GitHub and dled what I needed to I believe but iono am unsure. Thanks.

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Congratulations! I’ve thought of getting a flexM1 in my forehead as a transit pass, but that’s a little much, even for me.

What kind of system is this on? Linux? MacOS? Windows?


Any pics of the process and now?



Just uploaded a photo

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Ngl that’s cool as fuck




I would start a fresh install

Did you buy your proxmark from Dangerous things?

Follow one of these guides STEP by STEP

If you get stuck, or get an unexpected result, stop what you are doing, check your work, if you cant find the error, just ask her eon the forum and somebody SHOULD be able to help you out.

Copy and paste commands where you can, Linux is case sensitive so make sure you type exactly as it is written

Good luck

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This is magnificent :+1:

Have you got your Proxmark up and running?

That’s so cool :smiley: I’m just imagining you with both hands full of groceries, slamming your head against the door reader to open it xD

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That’s awesome! Now you need to make a hat with a battery and a reader to make it light up.

How visible is the implant when not being read? The forehead is usually a bony place.


There’s a minor bump. When I inserted it the implant could slide in and out so I just pushed it fairly hard and covered it with the flappy skin soon enough it healed over it just has be sensitive with it …

Not yet .

I got it from dangerous things…

This is how you know I’m getting close