Environmentally-friendly packaging option when purchasing

I’m strongly considering ordering a couple more implants (can you guess which? :slight_smile:). The DT packaging is comprehensive and well thought out. But here’s the thing: my piercer is now acquainted with the procedure (so he doesn’t need the DT instruction sheet), and he has disinfectants, sterile pads and band-aids already.

So @Your Amalness, may I suggest an option in the web store to order an implant “naked” without all the extra stuff? You could stick the injector or test tube in a small stiff close-fitting box of some kind to protect it, and ship one or several of those boxes in a simple padded envelope. As an added bonus, the envelope would fit in most people’s mailboxes, so the post office / UPS / DHL wouldn’t have to dispatch a separate truck for delivery.

Possibly make the minimalist shipping option as default (with a warning message that you need to know what you’re doing hygiene-wise or something), as really the only people who would need the whole nine yards are self-implanters, and those customers who need to approach a piercer or some other helping hand who’s never implanted a chip before. Surely the latter are in the minority.

Better for the environment, and presumably you save on shipping too. Everybody wins!


@mdanger and I will discuss this. The most friendly approach is for the professional to partner with us. We sell 5 packs of just injectors to professional partners… but maybe there is a retail method we could explore.