🚨 ERROR: cannot communicate with the Proxmark (on Mac OS)

I got :rotating_light: ERROR: cannot communicate with the Proxmark (3 easy)
I don’t know that to do, I flash it, and everything seems to be ok…
I tried almost everything, If anyone can help me…

ok so, context would be wonderful

  • what have you tried
  • what guide are you following
  • where in the process did this error occur

Are you using the cable that came with the device? if so, get rid of it and grab one you know works well. the ones shipped with proxmark tend to have a reputation for being shit

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Thank you so much, curiously, it has been to find the solution and your message has jumped out at me.
I have used:
brew remove proxmark3
brew install --with-generic proxmark3

Anyways, thank you so much for your time!!!

For the future do




the flash-all command can screw things up real bad sometimes.